Domestic Violence Injunctions

Domestic Violence Injunctions: What exactly is an injunction for having protection against domestic violence

This domestic violence injunction is also referred to as a restraining order or injunction. This court document order that the abuser stops specific acts such as abusing or contacting you or even coming near you. The abuser must leave your home, leave you alone and pay temporary child support to you when there are domestic violence injunctions. It also gives you specific rights like temporary custody of the children. Should you have an injunction and said abuser violate that injunction, he or she may be arrested for such a violation. Take a look at “What to do if an abuser violates the injunction” for more info on this. For a complete list of what will and won’t be protected, you can go to “how can the injunction against domestic violence help me”?
Understanding how it can protect you against domestic violence will go far in helping you to be safe.

Domestic Violence Injunctions And What It Can Do For You

  • It can order the person abusing you to stay away from where you work and your home
  •  Order the abuser to have no contact with you via direct or third party contact
  • Order the abuser to stop bothering you and abusing you
  • Tell the abuser to leave you be
  • Allow you temporary custody of the children and the home. Visits for the children will be supervised by a third party
  • Order the abuser to leave your home even if they own it with you
  • Give you child support or alimony or both temporarily
  • Refer you to a program for abused persons such as counseling, batterers interventions and more. The abused will have to pay for this service

Who Enforces A Domestic Violence Injunctions?

Judges determine which of these will be included in your specific orders. They will determine how to enforce it and how dangerous the situation may be for you and your children. Each case of domestic violence injunctions will be evaluated on an individual basis